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A resource for Infoboxes.

Wiki Infoboxes

Here are a list of articles that may help with generic infobox creation.

Portable Infoboxes

Portable Infoboxes (PI's) require the MediaWiki extension to be installed on the server. PI's were developed for Fandom and the Mediawiki extension is a port of that. Here are the benefits of Portable Infoboxes as described on Fandom.

Below is a list of a few of the Fandom articles on using PI's which are very helpful. There are more pages branching from these that go into more depth, as well. But if you want to build a Portable Infobox using a graphic interface and then copy/paste the resulting wiki code to your Savagepedia article, you can use their Portable Infobox Builder (GUI Version). Go to [1], and Create a page. From the Insert drop down menu in the toolbar choose Infobox and choose "Create Template" at the bottom of the pop-up window. You will then be able to build a Portable Infobox.

TemplateData Extension

TemplateData is another extension that would need to be installed before it can be used. It works in tandem with the Portable Infoboxes extension (it may work without it, too?) to make filling out infoboxes a little more user friendly. Note, it doesn't help build infobox templates, just makes it easier for a user to create from an existing template and fill it out.