Core Rule Book

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A core rule book is the basis for any game system, providing not only the rules by which to set up and play your game but also typically the reasoning behind them and explanation of how to implement them. Each edition of a game is generally paired with the release of new and revised rules over the previous edition and can usher in subtle or dramatic changes in gameplay.

Rule books also can provide stock character archetypes, campaign ideas or hooks, and stat blocks for NPCs, monsters, and wild creatures. In Savage Worlds, where there is a lot of emphasis on flexibility and customization, these stat blocks are provided are as examples and guidelines from which a game master can draw inspiration for their own monsters, or alter as-is to fit the needs of the party and campaign. Rule books can be followed as written ("Rules As Written" or RAW) or be adapted to the tables needs ("homebrew").

Generally, only a game master will need a copy of the core rule book to run the game but it can be very beneficial if each player has a copy as well, especially if playing online so that inquiries do not interrupt a game.

Savage Worlds Core Rule Books

Below is a list of the various Savage Worlds editions and links to their core rule books.

Edition Year Published Core Rule Book
Savage Worlds Adventure Edition 2018 Pinnacle
Savage Worlds Deluxe: Explorer's Edition 2015 Pinnacle
Savage Worlds Deluxe 2011 Same as SWD: Explorer's except larger pages
Savage Worlds: Explorer's Edition 2007
Savage Worlds Revised 2004
Savage Worlds 2003