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SW licensees like to create all year long, but February is the moment when we are the most vocal about it.

Here's are all the participants of this year's Fast! Furious! Fun! February! creator jam. This year's theme is Love & Death, but do not let that be in the way of your ideas. It's not mandatory. (Don't forget to add the #FFFFebruary hashtag in your product's description and the official logo somewhere in your document)


Seize the Grand Vizier!

A short fantasy scenario for Novice-ranked characters centered around a door-chase with teleporting shenanigans. (Maybe not on theme, but probably includes some death.)

Blood in the Sand

Come to the Kentucky Bend and investigate a murder mystery involving a dispute over land on which can be found a haunted volcano. But you'll have to be quick before a not-so-natural disaster engulfs the Bend and everyone on it! This is a new adventure for the Dark States setting.

Operation Vagabond

Operation Vagabond is a one-sheet adventure for Titan Effect RPG: Declassified Edition. The operatives are sent to Paris to rescue one of the SPEAR’s contacts and reunite him with his daughter. But along the way, they will have to deal with a powerful adversary, and will make a troubling discovery.

Undying Love

A one-sheet adventure for Void Runners: The Ravnivori Empire. Can your band of salty space sailors reunite the Slumbering Queen with her Unknown Paramour or will their failure leave the nation state of Karak in ruins? A foot chase, a ship chase, ship-to-(sentient) ship combat, a dramatic task and a personal combat, this one has it all. Everyone who buys it before March 31, 2023 gets a code to get Void Runners: The Ravnivori Empire for free.

The New Girl

A one session adventure for Pinebox Middle School, written to follow the first session of Descent into the Inferno. A new arrival has seen something in the supply closet after Science class. Can the gang help her?


Pregens, NPCs and Bestiaries

Street Wolves Archetypes Vol. 1

Street Wolves Archetypes Vol. 1 contains the stats for 13 characters and one dog. Each character reflects a Profession in Street Wolves they have their Relationships (the people they love and sometimes hate).

Settings and Jumpstarts

City Guard Chronicles

Medieval Fantasy mini-setting where players take the role of City Guards of a corrupt megalopolis. Run as a standalone setting or insert into an existing setting such as Eberron (Sharn, Stormreach), Lankhmar, Pathfinder (Magnimar, Korvosa, Almas, Absalom, or Oppara), Hellfrost (Aslov), Beast & Barbarians (Jalizar) or Sharp Knives & Dark Streets (Stormgate).

The first adventure The Case of the Misguided Lover was created and published specifically for Fast! Furious! Fun! February! Creator Jam and includes all the setting's information.


Micro-setting about dwarven raiders braving the undead-plagued city of Mairdoon in search of lost treasure. Includes a small adventure and a set of pregenerated characters.

Street Wolves

Street wolves is a synthwave inspired, neo-noir setting from Ace License holder Table Cat Games. The players take the roles of Street Wolves who face overwhelming odds against the forces of evil. There can be serious consequences for dealing death with the Drive system. And there's rules for handling relationships as well as advice on handle romantic entanglements.

Ultimate Reverie

Ultimate Reverie is inspired by old-school japanese role-playing videogames. The jumpstart includes Setting Rules, a complete adventure and pregens. It answers questions such as: ''How could you implement save points into a tabletop roleplaying game?'' and ''Just how many wounds can I give to Boss Monsters before it gets too ridiculous?''


Enhanced Allies Enhanced

A follow-up to the 2022 SWAG Award winning Allies Enhanced - Options for Followers, Friends, & other Henchmen to get a little more Love for your Allies by equipping them with an expanded personalities table derived from a Card Draw instead of a d20. This optional rule also gives either a boon (bonus or Edge) or a bane (Hindrance) connected to that personality. This may help keep them alive or you may just wish for their quick Death after the luck of the draw. Also in included is a new Edge to support the Support Option (sometimes an Ally's best option) or a Hindrance (major and minor) to make them terrible at Supporting their captains and friends.

Vlogs and Blogs

Happy MonsterCast Episode 94: Sewer Level

Join detectives Marlowe and Shaw and their associates Harrison, Harrington, and Mallard as they explore the Chicago sewers in search of goblinoids in Deadlands Noir. Actual Play using Foundry VTT.


Micro Creations

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