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This is the list of settings published for Savage Worlds. Each setting's page also includes resources tied to it, such as one-shots, character sheets, etc.

You may also want to check the list of generic/unofficial resources for adventures, add-ons, materials and others!

If any are missing, add them! Keep the format consistent.

The settings category page lists all settings with an existing page on this wiki. Help is most welcome to make that list closer to completion (check instructions on the Template:Setting page).

Note: These links are quick assumptions on which book (game master or player handbook) is the more useful one. Keep that in mind when purchasing, as you may want both, or the assumption may be wrong. If your book looks a bit bland, there may be a more complete one!

Title Premise License Created by Available for SWADE? Test Drive / Jump Start Link
Abyssal cartoon-inspired underwater world exploration Official PEG Yes No SWADE
All for One: Régime Diabolique cape & sword, France, Renaissance Ace Triple Ace Games Yes No SWADE SWD
Art of War (sneak preview) feudal japan, anime-inspired, over-the-top action Ace Amora Game Yes SWADE SWADE
Attack of the Giant Monsters pulp b-movies @SoleWanderer Ace GRAmel Yes No SWADE
Béchamel food fun @SoleWanderer Ace GRAmel Yes No SWADE
Big Apple Sewer Samurai Modern, scifi, fantasy, mutants, 80s-90s cartoons SWAG The Raven & The Albatross Yes No SWADE
Burning Seas of Hell hell @SoleWanderer Ace GRAmel Yes No SWADE
Children of the Apocalypse post-apocalyptic, fantasy, gunpowder ?? Happy Monster Press Upcoming SWADE SWD
Clock & Dagger medieval fantasy, thieves steampunk @SoleWanderer Ace GRAmel Yes SWADE SWADE
Crown & Dragon 1797, magic, based on a novel Ace Arion Games Yes No SWADE
Crystal Heart kid-friendly, supers, changeable powers @Eran Aviram Ace Up to Four Players Yes SWADE SWADE
Dark States modern, conspiracy, horror SWAG Daniel Irwin Yes SWADE SWADE
Dawn of the Daikaiju giant monsters Official PEG Yes No SWADE
Dead End zombie apocalypse Ace Atomic Ninja Studios Yes SWADE SWADE
Deadlands: Lost Colony space western, horror Official PEG Yes No SWADE
Deadlands: The Weird West old west, frontier horror Official PEG Yes SWADE Jump Start SWADE
Devil's Run post-apocalyptic, gangs, vehicles, highways Ace Red Scar Publishing Yes SWADE SWADE
Dinosaur Protocol post apocalyptic, dinosaurs Ace Battlefield Press Yes No SWADE
Doomsday Scenario post-apocalyptic, but all the apocalypses happened at the same time SWAG Yves Geens Yes No SWADE
Dreams of Typhon sci-fi horror in a space station Ace BPB Games Yes No SWADE
El Cerebro del Leviatán Spanish, español, sci-fi, adventure Ace Demonio Sonriente Yes No SWADE
Friends of Wildstone Town kids adventures/animal people Ace GRAmel Yes No SWADE
Gods & Masters medieval fantasy, factions Ace Twitchy Butcher Studios LLC Yes SWADE (paid) SWADE
Gold & Glory: Seven Deadly Dungeons randomized dungeon crawls Ace Space Orange 42 Yes No SWADE
Guardians of Umbra World War II, fantasy Ace Bumblebear Games Yes SWADE SWADE
Heroes of Terra fantasy, Mario Bros feel @BlackwingH Ace Blackwing Productions Yes SWADE SWADE
Hope & Glory steampulp, adventure, intrigue, discovery Ace Space Orange 42 Yes No SWADE
Junk World toonish tone, space @SoleWanderer Ace GRAmel Yes No SWADE
Kethos medieval fantasy, gunpowder Ace Kethos Project Publishing Yes No SWADE
Legion of Liberty supers, secession war Ace Happy Monster Press Yes SWADE SWADE
Monster Hunter International monster hunter international savage worlds Ace Gallant Knight Games Yes No SWADE
Mythic antiquity myths, movies Ace Chimera Press Yes No SWADE
Polaris RPG sci-fi, underwater Ace Black Book Editions Yes No SWADE
Pórtico Salvaje Spanish, español, sci-fi, exploration Ace Demonio Sonriente Yes No SWADE
Primeval Thule sword & sorcery Ace Sasquatch Game Studio Yes No SWADE
Ravenloft Reincarnated gothic horror, fantasy, conversion @BlackwingH Fan Jeremy “BlackwingedHeaven” Puckett Yes (v4.5, being updated) No SWADE
Sagas and Six-Guns nordic mythology farwest Ace Gallant Knight Games Yes SWADE SWADE
Eberron for Savage Worlds medieval fantasy, conversion @Kristian Ace The Immaterial Plane Yes No SWADE
Savage No Happy Endings fairy tale/baroque fantasy @SoleWanderer Ace GRAmel Yes No SWADE
Street Wolves 80s, operatives, synthwave inspired retrofuturistic neo-noir action adventure Table cat Games Yes SWADE Upcoming
Ponyfinder: The Savage Age (alpha) mlp, ponies, pathfinder, medieval, fantasy Battlefield Press Yes No SWADE
Rifts for Savage Worlds PEG, super, epic sci fi Official PEG Yes No SWADE
Robotech: A Macross Saga RPG anime, mecha, sci-fi Ace Battlefield Press Yes No SWADE
Savage Tokusatsu giant robots/monsters Ace BPB Games Yes SWADE SWADE
Secret Agents of CROSS modern, operatives, cult bashing in the name of the pope! Ace Blessed Machine Yes SWADE SWADE SWEX
SOUL sci-fi @Cory Ace Old Cowboy Games Yes No Not found
Spirits of 1786 pulp, post-revolution, history Official PEG Yes No SWADE
Tesla Rangers hi-octane wildwest vs robots Official PEG Yes No SWADE
The After savage frontier action in a sci-fi post-apocalypse Ace Fainting Goat Games Yes SWADE SWADE
The Drowned War post-apocalyptic Ace Star City Savages Yes SWADE (paid) Upcoming
The Dragon of Kraków historical investigative urban fantasy adventure, poland @SoleWanderer Ace GRAmel Yes No SWADE
The Gobfather mafia, goblins @Zadmar SWAG Richard "Zadmar" Woolcock Yes No SWADE
The Lost City of Astla fantasy, return to a dying earth Official PEG Yes No SWADE
The Remote is Screaming modern, horror, reality tv Ace Evil Beagle Games Yes No SWADE
Tyrnador medieval, fantasy, dungeon crawl @SoleWanderer Ace GRAmel Yes SWADE SWADE
Wiseguys mafia street gangs @Eric Lamoureux Ace Just Insert Imagination Yes SWADE SWADE
Xenoarqueólogos Salvajes Spanish, español, sci-fi, post-apocalyptic Ace Demonio Sonriente Yes No SWADE
Aether Adrift sci-fi, exploration, wilderness crawl, anthro Ace Demonskunk Studios Yes SWADE Upcoming
Deadlands: Dark Ages arthurian gunslinger fantasy, horror Official PEG Yes No Upcoming
New Bristol urban, superheroes Yes No Upcoming
Sprawlrunners cyberpunk, shadowrun-like, system-agnostic framework SWAG Veiled Fury Entertainment Yes No SWADE
S.W.A.T.: Spells Weapons and Tactics parody fantasy procedural @rmsavagex Ace Rocky Mountain Savages LLC Yes SWADE Upcoming
Toy Troopers army men toys Ace GRAmel Yes SWADE SWADE
Vermilium high fantasy wild west Ace White Witch Games Yes No Upcoming
Beasts & Barbarians swords & sorcery @SoleWanderer Ace GRAmel Conversion from SWD SWD SWADE SWD
Codex Infernus: The Savage Guide to Hell demon, fantasy Ace Gun Metal Games Yes No SWD
Deadlands: Hell on Earth post-apocalyptic action/horror Official PEG Yes No SWD
Deadlands: Noir detectives for supernatural, 1920/30s Official PEG Yes No SWD
Flash Gordon superheroes Official PEG No No SWD
Guild of Shadows medieval fantasy, thieves Ace SPQR Games No No SWD
Ravaged Earth pulp action, adventure, set after a failed martian invasion and Hitler on the rise Reality Blurs No No SWD
Shaintar epic fantasy Ace Savage Mojo No SWD SWD
The Widening Gyre steampunk / clockwork / victorian High Rock Press No No SWD
Savage Thunderscape post-apocalyptic, industrial fantasy horror Kyoudai Games No No SWD
Savage Ghost Ops modern tactical Feral Gamers Inc Conversion from SWD No SWD, SWADE
50 Fathoms pirates, epic fantasy Official PEG Conversion from SWD No SWADE SWEX
Achtung! Cthulhu military, WW2, horror Modiphius Conversion from SWD


Accursed dark fantasy, playing monsters Melior Via Conversion from SWD SWADE SWADE SWD
Agents of Oblivion horror, espionage Reality Blurs No No SWD
Amethyst: Untamed science fantasy Dias Ex Machina Games No No SWD
Apocalypse Prevention, inc post-apocalyptic Third eye Games No No SWD
Battle for Oz fantasy, horror Ace Pirate Press LLC No No SWD
Bedlam City superheroes Plain Brown Wrapper No No SWD
Blackwood fantasy, wuxia, Grimm's tales @Eric Lamoureux Mythic Gazetteer, LLC No Free! SWD
Buccaneer: Through Hell and High Water pirates, low magic Fabled Environments Conversion from SWD No SWADE SWD
Caladon’s Fall fantasy Savage Mojo No No SWD
Citizens Divided cyberpunk
Clockwork Dreams steampunk, fantasy
Darwin's World post-apocalyptic
Dogs Of Hades sci-fi
Drakonheim medieval fantasy, necromancers, system-agnostic setting
Dungeonlands sword & sorcery
Earthdawn Fantasy setting exploring a lost past destroyed by horrors. Ace FASA No SWD
East Texas University (ETU) university, teens, horror (Conversion document for SWADE) Official PEG Conversion from SWD
Evernight epic fantasy, horror Official PEG No No SW (1st edition)
Extreme Earth dystopian, superheroes
Fae Lands
Fae Nightmares urban fantasy
Fear Agent Official PEG Conversion from SWD
Freedom Squadron Ace Evil Beagle Games Conversion from SWD SWD
Frozen Skies dieselpunk, airships, explore arctic wilds @Stormwell Ace Utherwald Press No SWADE SWD
Gaslight Victorian Fantasy steampunk fantasy
Gatherall cyberpunk
Hellfrost epic fantasy, arctic Ace Triple Ace Games No
Hellfrost: Lands of Fire epic fantasy, desert Ace Triple Ace Games No
Herald: Lovecraft & Tesla 1920 pulp
Interface Zero 3.0 cyberpunk Ace Gun Metal Games Yes
Iron Dynasty oriental fantasy
Judgment Day monster hunting
Kaiser's Gate alternate WW1, miliary
Land of Sonü medieval fantasy, @Peter Ace Apokalyptic Publishing ?? Conversion for SWADE
Lankhmar swords & sorcery, medieval fantasy from the stories of Fritz Leiber Official PEG Conversion from SWD
Low life post-apocalyptic, far future, silly Official and Ace PEG and Mutha Oith Creations SWD No
MARS science fiction
Mercenary Breed
Mutant Chronicles dieselpunk
Mythos greek mythology, fantasy Mystical Throne Entertainment Conversion from SWD SWADE SWD
Necessary Evil superheroes, anti-heroes Official PEG
Nemezis lovecraftian action, space opera ?? Conversion for SWADE
Nova Praxis Science Fiction
Olympus Inc modern, spies, greek myths
Pantheon savage signs 01, modern demigods
Peacekeepers post-apocalyptic superheroes, @SoleWanderer
Pirates of the Spanish Main pirates Official PEG
Powder Mage blackpowder fantasy from the novels of Brian McKlellan
Psinaut savage signs 01, scifi
Realms of Cthulhu Lovecraftian horror
Revolution savage signs 01, French revolution
Rippers: Resurrected victorian, monster hunters Official PEG Conversion from SWD SWD
RunePunk runepunk fantasy
Saga of the Goblin Horde medieval fantasy, humour, goblins Fan Zadmar Games No No SWD
Saint & Sinners Star Anvil Studios
Savage Iron Kingdoms conversion, steampunk fantasy @SteelDraco, @Stormwell
Savage War of the Burning Sky medieval fantasy, conversion Fan Zadmar Games SWD
Seven Worlds sci-fi, far future, space opera Ace Intellistories SWD, Conversion for SWADE
Slipstream sci-fi Official PEG ??
Solomon Kane Puritan demon hunters inspired by Robert E. Howard's stories of the same name. Official PEG ?? Conversion for SWADE
Space 1889 sci-fi Official PEG
Sticks & Stones prehistoric, cartoon Ace Jade Tower Studios SWD
Suzerain demigods, multi-universes Ace Savage Mojo
Titan Effect tactical espionage, military, modern-scifi, biopunk, supers @KEMChristian Ace Knight Errant Media Yes SWADE SWADE SWD
The City of the Steam Sun Steampunk, hell, adventure Steam Sun Games Yes SWADE SWADE
The Day After Ragnarok post-apocalyptic
The Goon gangsters Official PEG ?? Conversion for SWADE
The Last Parsec sci-fi, space Official PEG ?? Conversion for SWADE
The Sixth Gun wild west Official PEG SWD Conversion for SWADE
Tropicana cheesy 80s action films, @SoleWanderer Ace GRAmel
Tunse’al fantasy, aztek
Ultima Forsan Renaissance, zombies, apocalypse Ace Space Orange 42 ?? Conversion for SWADE
Untamed Empires
Virulent savage signs 01, post apo, vampires/ww/zombies
Weird Wars I military, supernatural, horror Official PEG ?? Conversion for SWADE
Weird Wars II military, supernatural, horror Official PEG
Weird Wars Rome military, supernatural, horror, antiquity Official PEG
Weird Wars Tour of Darkness military, supernatural, horror, vietnam Official PEG
Suzerain: Wilderlands post-apocalyptic, realm hopping, magic, mutations Ace Savage Mojo
Winter Eternal post-apocalyptic Just Insert Imagination Upcoming SWADE SWD
Wonderland No More fantasy, lewis carroll
World of the Dead horror, zombies
Ancient Worlds dark fantasy Mystical Throne Entertainment Aaron T. Huss Yes [jump start] [books]
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