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Savage Worlds is a game system that provides a rule-based foundation for role playing games. Savage Worlds stands out in the market as a setting agnostic and flexible alternative, and provides players and game masters a high level of creative license to pursue the characters, settings, stories, and mechanics that fits them best. The Savage Worlds motto of "Fast! Furious! Fun!" is epitomized in the many official campaigns and settings which tend to skew towards pulp fiction, whether it be Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Wild West, Noir, or many others.

Quick Start

If you want to jump right into a game, you can either look for and join a game hosted by someone else, or start a game with yourself as the game master.

To start a game as a game master there are three things you'll need to start:

  • A copy of the Savage Worlds Core Rule Book for whichever edition you are interested in,
  • A method of play, whether it's in person, online with a Virtual Table Top (VTT), or some other means (email, discord, physical mail...),
  • and some friends to play with!

Beyond these things there are of course many other supplements and tools you can purchase, but the above will be enough to get a game started.


Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Inc. (PEG) first published Savage Worlds in 2003. Multiple revisions, editions, and formats have been published since.

Edition Year Published
Savage Worlds Adventure Edition (SWADE) 2018
Savage Worlds Deluxe: Explorer's Edition (SWDEE) 2012
Savage Worlds Deluxe (SWD) 2011
Savage Worlds: Explorer's Edition (SWEX) 2007
Savage Worlds Revised (SWR) 2004
Savage Worlds Original Edition (SWO) 2003


Online Savage Worlds communities exist on the following platforms and sites:

Supplemental Products

The variety of Savage Worlds publications and products available includes settings, standalone adventures, supplements, and digital tools. Additionally, PEG offers digital and physical accessories to facilitate game play.

Here is a list of publishers who published settings or supplements for Savage Worlds.


PEG offers a variety of licensing options for both publishers and fans.