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This page should describe major design decisions that have been agreed to an implemented, providing links to necessary Help: pages and detailing limitations of the configuration.

The Talk/Discussion page can be used to discuss changes to the configuration or offer suggestions about what might be improved. Please be sure to sign your posts and include a timestamp.


Wiki's have many different organizational structures, but at a base level there are Content or Article pages, and linked Talk/Discussion pages. Each of these exist within their own namespaces, the mainspace and mainspace talk respectively. However, there exist about a dozen other default namespaces that can be utilized to further organize content on a wiki. The directory below lists those defaults. Each namespace has it's own associated Talk/Discussion page as well (and by convention are listed on the 'odd' ID's).

Ideally, discussions about the format or structure of the wiki itself are kept in their own namespace, the Project namespace. Articles about how to do something, such as How To Edit a Page or How to Set Up a Database are stored in the Help namespace.

Namespace Directory

ID Aliases Namespace
0 Mainspace
1 Mainspace Talk
2 User
3 User Talk
4 Savagepedia *cannot be removed Project
5 Project Talk
6 File
7 File Talk
8 MediaWiki
9 MediaWiki Talk
10 Template
11 Template Talk
12 Help
13 Help Talk
14 Category
15 Category Talk