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This Project: namespace is used for discussing the wiki itself and other meta topics. This will keep it distinct from the actual content of the wiki (in the mainspace) which necessarily should be focused on Savage Worlds.

From this page links can be found to to-do lists, help pages (similarly split into another namespace Help:), and discussion of the configuration settings of the wiki such as version number, extensions installed, data tables, etc.

The Project: namespace can be found under both Project:Contents and Savagepedia:Contents as the system uses the name of the wiki as a default alias of the Project namespace.

How to Contribute

The Special:WantedPages page is a list of articles that have been linked to, but not yet created. It is sorted by 'most linked to', but feel free to open any of those pages that you are familiar with and create the page!

The Special:ShortPages page is a list of articles that are pretty short, judged by their file size (kb). These pages may be short out of necessity, but likely they are just short due to the limited knowledge of each contributor- feel free to add anything missing or start a discussion on the pages Talk/Discussion page.

The Special:LonelyPages page lists other pages that have no links leading to them, and thus are only discoverable through a direct search or via Special pages (such as this one). Find a way to link to these pages in related articles so that they might be discovered easier.

The Special:DeadendPages page is the opposite of the LonelyPages above; it lists all pages that have no internal wiki links to other articles. From these articles there is nowhere to go but 'back'. Find a way to branch off these articles into new articles, or navigate back to existing articles.

The Special:UncategorizedPages page lists all the articles that have not been categorized for easy browsing. You can consult the existing categories first so that synonymous groupings are avoided. Each article can have multiple categories, and categories can be further categorized as well. When an article is categorized, it creates a link at the bottom of the article that leads to a "category" page. These pages list all the other articles in the category. Like all other pages, the category page has to be "created" first by following a category link, creating the page like normal, adding a brief one-sentence or longer description of the category, and saving. The list of pages in the category will automatically be generated then after saving. Here is a list of categories that are linked to, but the category page itself hasn't been created.

Feel free to download an archive of the old Savagepedia Wiki, previously hosted on WikiSpaces, and transfer that information to this new wiki in the appropriate pages. Avoid adding content without the proper license- if you are unsure what the license for any content is, do not use it but feel free to ask about it in the #savagepedia-project channel of the Unofficial Savage Worlds Discord.

Consult the MediaWiki User's Guide for information on using the wiki software. Or go to the MediaWiki Manual as an alternative.

Some pages have been made specifically for Savagepedia in terms of "how-to" and manuals, in the Category:Help namespace. These articles will have the Category of "Help".