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Topics to cover?

  • What is Savage Worlds
    • Introduction
    • Licences
  • How to Start
    • What do I need to start ? Core+Setting+OneShot/Tale/PPC
    • Jumpstarts
    • Oneshots to start with
    • Help & Tutorials
    • Glossary (meaning of abbreviations, SW, SWADE, SWD, SWEX, PPC, NPP, TN)
  • Companions & Toolkits
    • FC, SFC, SPC, HC, upcoming MAC?
  • Settings
    • Existing Settings (one page per setting, use tags, and summary tables)
  tags: Pulp, Horror, Sci Fi, Supers, Fantasy, Post Apo, Cyberpunk, Modern, Greek, Nordic, Steampunk, Pirates, Wild West, ...
    • Designing your own Setting (link to articles, books, and other resources)
  • Rules FAQ
    • Dual Wield
    • Multi-rolls (RoF / Frenzy / Work the Room)
    • Unshake isn't an action
    • Cover
    • Opposed rolls (especially when casting)
    • ...
  • Character Stuffs
    • Index of Edges, Hindrances, Powers (small description, can't copy text/mechanics) by Licence type and/or Edition and/or setting?
  • Showdown + showdown specific settings
  • GM Advice
    • balancing encounters
    • running solo bosses
    • Using Drama Task (when/which objective/dt+combat)
    • Using QE (when/objective)
  • Virtual TT (Roll20, FG, Discord bots, alternatives)
  • Home Rules (links to blogs/sites/documents)
    • Eberron, Iron Kingdoms...

Items I'd Like To See

I'd like to see as complete a list of Aces (licensees) and settings (both official and Ace) and which edition the books are out for.

For settings, I proposed a table on the Talk:Settings. Feel free to comment there.

--Kristianserrano (talk) 11:40, 8 September 2020 (PDT)