The Gobfather

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What's Inside

In this humorous modern-day urban fantasy scenario, players take on the role of goblin capos from the Redfang family, leading their gangs into vicious confrontations with both the human authorities and rival criminals.

The Gobfather is a crossover mini-setting for Saga of the Goblin Horde and Wiseguys. The Gobfather is designed to be used with both Saga of the Goblin Horde and Wiseguys setting books. However, you can also run The Gobfather with the SWADE Core book only.


Future Development


As a bonus extra, there is a separate three-page conversion guide for playing The Gobfather using Tricube Tales RPG.

Also, the Goblin Gangster RPG can be used for adventure generator and inspiration.

For help or information about the setting, you can contact @Zadmar on the Unofficial Savage Worlds Discord.