The Gobfather (book)

From Savagepedia
Type Supplement
Authors Richard Woolcock
Artists Rick Hershey, Jeshields, Evgeny Maloshenkov, Lord Zsezse Works
Publishers Zadmar Games
Edition Savage Worlds Adventure Edition
License Savage Worlds Adventurer's Guild
Year Published 2020
Page Count 23
Marketplace DriveThru RPG
Settings The Gobfather
Genres Fantasy, Humour, Modern, Urban Fantasy

The Gobfather is a six-page crossover mini-setting for Saga of the Goblin Horde and Wiseguys. It is designed to be used with both setting books, although you can also run it with just the Savage Worlds (SWADE) core rules.

In this humorous modern-day urban fantasy scenario, players take on the role of goblin capos from the Redfang family, leading their gangs into vicious confrontations with both the human authorities and rival criminals.

What's Inside

The second half of the book contains an 11-page adventure called “Baking Bad,” about a baker who turns to a life of crime because he needs the dough. Six pregenerated characters are included at the end of the book—and also in a separate Goblin Crew PDF, which can be printed and/or shared with your players.