Titan Effect

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About the setting

KEM TitanEffectRPG Declassified 1.1 Page 001 Image 0001.png
Type Setting
Authors Christian L. Nommay (creator), Daniel Eymard (co-writer), Ghislain Bonnotte (co-writer), Jason Theriault (Gear chapter), John Stevens (Operation Sarangu)
Artists Ani Ghosh, Bad Moon Art Studio, Gergő Pocsai, Leonardo Ariza, Matias Andres Trabold Rehren, Patrick McEvoy, Randy Vargas (Vargasni), Tan Ho Sim, NASA, US National Archives
Publishers Knight Errant Media
Edition Savage Worlds Adventure Edition
License Ace
Year Published 2018
Page Count 181
Marketplace [DriveThruRPG]
Settings Titan Effect: The Role-playing Game
Genres Espionage, Science Fiction, Superhero

The world is not what it seems. Psychics and bio-augmented humans work as spies and soldiers on behalf of criminal organizations, private military companies, and secret societies in a covert war that has been raging for decades. Some are fighting for control and power, while others seek to shape the future of human evolution. Do you have what it takes to make a difference?

Titan Effect RPG: Declassified Edition is the latest edition of Titan Effect: The Role-Playing Game, a tactical espionage and Sci-Fi setting for Savage Worlds published by Ace licensee Knight Errant Media and created by Christian L. Nommay. Take on the role of a trained operative gifted with unique abilities. Carry out perilous missions worldwide for the international clandestine organization known as the SPEAR, and fight against dangerous creatures and organizations.

Titan Effect is a genre-bending universe mixing biopunk, spy thriller, and superheroes. Players are plunged into a world brimming with conspiracies, secret organizations, bioengineered creatures, and psychic phenomena. A world where the boundary between "good" and "evil" is blurred…!

Titan Effect RPG: Declassified Edition is fully compatible with Savage Worlds Adventure Edition and the Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion (SWADE). Titan Effect RPG: Declassified Edition is available in Digital and Print-on-Demand.

What's Inside

Titan Effect RPG: Declassified Edition features:

  • An interactive PDF with a navigation menu (compatible with tablets).
  • A 8-pages introductory comic book.
  • Rules to create psychic and bio-augmented characters.
  • A detailed list of gadgets and modern weapons.
  • Information about the world of Titan Effect and major enemy factions.
  • Campaign ideas and a mission generator.
  • 40+ NPCs and creatures.
  • And a lot more!