Wiseguys (book)

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Type Supplement
Authors Eric Lamoureux
Artists Chaim Garcia, Anton Fadeev, Fabricio Fagundes, Per Folmer, Anna Jarmolowska, Bradley McDevitt, Rick Hershey, Dim Martin, Jason Moser, Ahti Musoke, Eric Quigley, Morne Schaap, Mike Tenebrae
Publishers Just Insert Imagination
Edition Savage Worlds Adventure Edition
License Savage Worlds Adventurer's Guild
Year Published 2019
Page Count 179
Marketplace DriveThru RPG
Settings Wiseguys
Genres Modern

In Wiseguys: the Savage Guide to Organized Crime, you are part of a Crew looking to show its true mettle by evading the law and robbing giant corporations of their riches. Will your legend and nickname live on for years to come?

What's Inside

Full Setting as well as a kit for mafia and thievery to be slotted in any setting.